Monday, May 30, 2011

The greatest invention ever

I've got to tell you, this bike tow leash is the greatest invention since the light bulb!

I have 3 beautiful (well, ok. One is not so beautiful) boxers with tons of energy to burn. I'm getting older and my knees just can't take jogging anymore. And, since I live in Oklahoma where the humidity stays all year and the heat can literally fry an egg; it makes it very difficult to want to walk all three dogs. I have to take them one at a time and when I do, it's really an all morning affair. It's hard to find that much time.

So, I had this great idea to buy a bicycle and take them jogging thinking that a faster walk ( Search for bikes) for them could burn as much energy in much less time. Trouble was, holding the leash and riding the bike and guiding the dog (esp. the puppies) was a daunting task. The twins (as I call them) are only a year and a half old. They kept wanting to pull this way and that way to chase other dogs, birds, squirrels, etc. And the boy, Malcolm, kept wanting to stop the bike by either biting at the back wheel or my knee as it pedaled up and down. This, of course, was all very dangerous. They could get hurt by running into the bike while it was moving and I could get hurt by being tugged off of it to chase a squirrel.

I had to do something different. Alas! I found the incredible bike tow leash! An ingenious device that is flexible enough for the dog to step a bit to the side, the back (in case the path narrows) or move further forward at that moment when I have to slow down and he doesn't realize it yet. Flexible? Yes. BUT; it keeps the dog from moving in too close to the bike. No longer do I worry about the spokes getting nipped at or my knees. It's easy to put on and remove from the bike. It has a low center of gravity, so even if the dog lunges at something, I'm not pulled over! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!

I started out just walking the dogs next to the bike with a regular leash. Then we graduated to me riding the bike with a regular leash just up and down the block. The next step was to attach them to the tow lead and walk the bike. We went really slow at first and not very far. We did this for several days until today. I hooked them up and VOILA! We took off and never looked back. The puppies loved it! I made sure I kept very aware of my surroundings just in case something were to spook them. We passed the very loud garbage truck, no problem. Squirrel? No problem. Cat? No problem. The dogs were having a great time and so was I! I can't wait till we all build up a bit more stamina so we can go further. This is the greatest invention ever!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Adventures of Nessie the Monster, Duchess of Hagg and her Chamberlains, Lord Malcolm and Lady McKenzie

It all started with the Royal Nuptials of Prince Willy and his Waity Katie, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. ....... As it happens, I decided to host a small tea. I chose the snug of a small Pub in a little known Bed and Breakfast known as the House of Hagg. The food is ususally quite nice and the atmosphere is authentic, the service impeccable and the bone china, the envy of Tulsa Society. I sent out invitations, ordered the cake and cookies and my Chamberlains and I got dressed and waited. To my chagrin, I recieved no responses. It seems that Tulsa is a desolate village full up of self centered and very rude young people who have no up bringing what-so-ever! It seems that they do not have a clue that RSVP indicates that a RESPONSE is needed. So in total and utter humiliation, my Chamberlains and I sat down to a lovely tea without any guests what-so-ever. You may notice the sad looks on our faces. I tell you, if ever I have a thought of celebrating such an occaision again, I have charged my Chamberlains to simply avoid my requests to send out invitations.

The next day, in order to invigerate ourselves, we purchased a vintage bicycle complete with basket, water carrier and an extremely inventive connection device. We have hired a driver who pedals along while we each in turn jog right beside. It is quite exciting! Lady McKenzie took to the whole process very quickly, but we all enjoy it immensly. We have played certain games while jogging in hopes that we may win the story contest after each run. For example, Lord Malcolm really had to "go" one time and the silly thing wouldn't stop. He tried biting at the spokes of the back wheel to no avail and then tried to stop the driver's leg from pedaling by using such force with his teeth as to make the driver go into a rage. What a lovely story that was! Also, Lady McKenzie had quite a tale (pardon the pun). The front tire hit quite a large bump in the road and she tried to pull the bicycle and driver to the ground, to no avail. The contraption that holds us in place is really quite remarkable! We are forced, it would seem, to stay at a "heel" position and cannot bite or lunge in any way.
All in all, we have a wonderful time and it really helps to get the pent up energy out of our system. I'll have our driver post a picture of the thing so you can see it. I think this is a remarkable product and I'm considering selling it to my other society friends.
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