Saturday, December 28, 2013

Birthday Wishes for Good Year and Good Cheer!

I am thrilled to announce that
is my Eleventh Birthday!
Many Boxer Dogs live much longer of course, but the average age is 10.
So for every year over that, I am grateful.
I have already outlived my beloved predecessor,
WishBone, Duke of the House of Hagg.
He was 1 month shy of 11 when he passed.
I have no doubt that he will greet me again someday,
but for now, it is time to celebrate!

I have had an excellent life!  I came up from humble beginnings and was made into a Duchess!  What girl doesn't dream of that!  I have lived a courtly life for years and years now and have a staff that cares for my every need.  Not that I haven't given back to the community of course.  The mythical Land of Hagg has many needs and I have dutifully gone about the business of doing what I can to help my people.  I have visited the sick and infirm in the many homes where they stay.  I have helped young children learn to read.  I have been a good will ambassador at schools and generally done my best to make all the common people feel welcome and at home in my presence.  For my endeavors I am happy to say that I have been given the titles and awards of  Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog.

Now, mind you.  I've had me own wee failures.  Or, rather, works in progress.  Those two Chamberlains that I hired some 4 years ago still have not raised a paw to help out a 

Monday, December 23, 2013

'Twas 2 days before Christmas.....

A Poem of Royal Making.....

'Twas 2 days before Christmas and all though the town
Everybody was scurrying for that last day count down.
The decorations were falling, a wee bit worse for the wear
and the merchants were calling "We have the Teddy Bears"!  
The Royals were snuggled all tucked in their beds, while visions of Kong Toys danced in their heads.  

They dreamed on and on of big treats and great fields, where all day they could run and eat all their fill.  They dreamed of soft toys to chew on and then, a great big fat man landed right on their head.  He was dressed all in red, from his head to his feet, and Kenz barked and barked and barked out a Tweet!   
"Hey Malcolm! Hey Nessie"!  She shouted so loud.  "A fat man down the chimney"!  she was so proud 
that she was the one who caught the big guy and she bounced all around him with ropes that she tied.  And when he was bound she saw what she'd done.  She'd taken that thing on which Christmas did run....... 
"No more presents or toys", the Lord Malcolm did whimper.
"No more treats, no more fun, no more gay Christmas Dinner".

And Nessie the Monster, got down on her knees, and begged forgiveness for Kenz and said "Please.  
Forgive us St. Nicholas.  Forgive Kenzer-Doodle.  But sometimes her wee brain is no more than a Noodle.  She tried to protect us from foreign aggressors, but ended up "Grinching" the Pearls and the Esthers.  The Agnes and Mollys and Hawkins and Drews.  The Oceans and Chevys and wee Jojo too.  Even the Aspens and the Mooses and Mochis, the Wendis the Pumpkins the Rockos and Lokis.  The Hogans the Coopers the Barbies and Franks, the Shelbys the Sashas the  Izzys and Tanks.  The Billies the Myrtles, the Prestons and Dozers,  The Bellas the Neos the Sweet Peas and Busters,  and all of the Common folk who lived in the town;  would be without Christmas because Santa was down.

Now Kenzie felt bad.  Malcolm and Nessie felt badder.  So they went to the cupboard and found a sweet cracker.  With milk they did bring it and sadly they said, "Merry Christmas Santa, we've been bad kids again.
We've sure done it now. We have messed up your plan".  And as they untied him, he gently did say...."I know what will make you feel better today".  
"Some toys to play with, with squeakers and fuzz and lots of candy to give you a buzz!  And don't worry Royal Clan for delaying me so!  I needed the rest, but now I've gotta go"!

And UP he did spring like a Boxer on high and he bounded and bounced right on up to the sky!  And we heard him exclaim as he bounced out of sight...
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night"!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Post Card From the Palace

The Royal Pooches 
would like to take this opportunity
to say THANK YOU to our 
beloved and faithful readers.

We have been abundantly blessed  to have such a wonderful and loyal following.
We know that we have neglected to post as much as we would like due to our preparation, planning and building of the new Palace.  We have found ourselves fairly settled at last and just in time for the Holiday Season.  We do hope to post on a more regular basis going forward and appreciate that you have 'hung in there' with us whilst we were away.

We sincerely wish that you enjoy your family and friends during the coming Holidays and that you remember that the Christmas Season is not about who gets or gives the biggest or most expensive gifts.  It is not about who has the brightest lights or the biggest tree.  We have already been given the One True Gift of Love and Life.  It is our prayer that you enjoy the Peace and Joy that only Love can bring and that you are able to take it with you where ever your path may lead.  Heal.  Don't hurt.  Bless.  Don't Hate.  Love.  Don't envy.  Honor.  Don't destroy.  Forgive.  Don't look for vengeance.   Give what you can.  And give it with Joy and with Love.  May these Blessings be yours and may your new year shine with Love, Prosperity and Happiness.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas
and a Joyous New Year

Nessie the Monster, Duchess of Hagg
Lord Malcolm and Lady McKenzie, Chamberlains
and all the Palace Servants and Staff