Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Post Card From the Palace

The Royal Pooches 
would like to take this opportunity
to say THANK YOU to our 
beloved and faithful readers.

We have been abundantly blessed  to have such a wonderful and loyal following.
We know that we have neglected to post as much as we would like due to our preparation, planning and building of the new Palace.  We have found ourselves fairly settled at last and just in time for the Holiday Season.  We do hope to post on a more regular basis going forward and appreciate that you have 'hung in there' with us whilst we were away.

We sincerely wish that you enjoy your family and friends during the coming Holidays and that you remember that the Christmas Season is not about who gets or gives the biggest or most expensive gifts.  It is not about who has the brightest lights or the biggest tree.  We have already been given the One True Gift of Love and Life.  It is our prayer that you enjoy the Peace and Joy that only Love can bring and that you are able to take it with you where ever your path may lead.  Heal.  Don't hurt.  Bless.  Don't Hate.  Love.  Don't envy.  Honor.  Don't destroy.  Forgive.  Don't look for vengeance.   Give what you can.  And give it with Joy and with Love.  May these Blessings be yours and may your new year shine with Love, Prosperity and Happiness.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas
and a Joyous New Year

Nessie the Monster, Duchess of Hagg
Lord Malcolm and Lady McKenzie, Chamberlains
and all the Palace Servants and Staff

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Casey said...

Happy howlidays to you!