Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Dough Ball Caper.......

Dough Belly 1.  Calling Dough Belly 1.  This is Dough Belly 2.  Do you read?

Yes.  Dough Belly 2.  What do you want?

Do you have the 'Goods'?

Calm down Dough Belly 2.  This  caper takes brains, not brawn.  Where is Queen Bee?

I keep trying to tell you two that I'm a Duchess, not a Queen.

That's your nickname, Queen Bee.  How many times do I gotta tell ya that we have to use nicknames for this caper!  Did you distract that woman yet, Queen Bee?

Oh yes, Dough Belly 2.  She is much distracted.  I sent her to the garage to oversee the workers I hired to do some much needed  work on the Palace.  I ordered the work done to distract her and as you can see, it has worked.

This is Dough Belly 1.  Can you two please Piper Down!  This is delicate work I'm doing here!

Well.  Hurry up Dough Belly 1.  Dough Belly 2 is very hungry and I think that woman is coming back in!

We're meeting at the rendezvous spot now, Queen Bee!   Hurry.

You nevah tell a Duchess to 'hurry', Dough Belly 2.  Even when I'm role-playing as the Queen Bee.
And here I am.......
Oh dear.  You have already eaten all 3 dough balls?  Did you not save any for me?

Yes.  There were 15 loaves set out to rest and rise.  It was an offering for the 8th year memorial anniversary of my Dad's passing from this world.  The pack  conspired against me.  The Duchess, Nessie and Lord Malcolm on the one side to distract me whilst the nimble, yet silent, Lady  Chamberlain leaped up and snatched the beautiful dough balls, gently lifting the cover from them and turning it back.  Three dough balls fit nicely in her ample Boxer mouth.

Then the dash and swallow.  They dashed away to the designated rendezvous spot and very quickly swallowed a dough ball each.  The caper took but seconds and the bewildered baker had no defense.  

No one the wiser, right?   ------  Until the Palace filled with the sounds of slumber, later that night, was violently interrupted by the sounds of regurgitation.  The Chamberlains had it bad, but the Duchess didn't upchuck since her constitution is of sterner stuff due to experience.

This just proves that no matter how hard you train, Dough Bellies happen.

The Vet was called and whilst he laughed heartily, he made it clear there would be nothing to really worry about save the carpets.

Many many thanks to my co-writer +Su Ann Lim for such a humorous vision on this story.

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