Sunday, March 17, 2013

Luck O' the Irish?

Just a quick Note

To wish all our wonderful followers


Happy St. Patrick's Day

May the good Saint be with us all today.   And if you become just a little more Irish and a wee bit less sober, make sure you have a friend to get you home safely!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Suffering the Indignity of the Royal Baths

Royalty  (roi-uhl-tee)  noun
Character or quality proper to or befitting a sovereign;  nobility.
Suffering (suhf-er-ing)  noun
The state of a person or thing that suffers.
Indignity (in-dig-ni-tee)  noun
An injury to a person's dignity;  slighting or contemptuous treatment;  humiliating affront insult, or injury.

An excerpt from the Royal Diary of Nessie the Monster, Duchess of Hagg

Dear Diary,

Some days it seems that Life dictates to me rather than the proper way 'round, which would be me dictating how m'life should be.   From a Commoners viewpoint, I can easily see how one would imagine that life as a Royal Duchess would always be a grand affair.  Commoners often dream of becoming a Royal.  Of course, that simply isn't possible.  One is Royal by birth.  It is our gift bestowed upon us by God Himself.  A Commoner simply could never ever become Royal.  Indeed.  But I digress as I, being elderly, am sometimes wont to do.  My point is that some days, the Commoners who have been employed at the Palace of Hagg to take care of mundane day to day business which is, quite frankly, beneath the dignity of a Royal with the status such as myself,  do take it upon themselves to overstep the bounds of their perceived servitude.  I dare say that yesterday they undertook to demand that We must bathe.  Bathe?  I shall dictate when to bathe.  And I say never.  Not ever shall the Chamberlains and I step into that torture chamber.  We do not walk on wet pavement.  We do not walk (Heavens Forbid) on wet grass.  We certainly forbid entering into a Chamber that leaks water and of which there is no escape!