Saturday, December 28, 2013

Birthday Wishes for Good Year and Good Cheer!

I am thrilled to announce that
is my Eleventh Birthday!
Many Boxer Dogs live much longer of course, but the average age is 10.
So for every year over that, I am grateful.
I have already outlived my beloved predecessor,
WishBone, Duke of the House of Hagg.
He was 1 month shy of 11 when he passed.
I have no doubt that he will greet me again someday,
but for now, it is time to celebrate!

I have had an excellent life!  I came up from humble beginnings and was made into a Duchess!  What girl doesn't dream of that!  I have lived a courtly life for years and years now and have a staff that cares for my every need.  Not that I haven't given back to the community of course.  The mythical Land of Hagg has many needs and I have dutifully gone about the business of doing what I can to help my people.  I have visited the sick and infirm in the many homes where they stay.  I have helped young children learn to read.  I have been a good will ambassador at schools and generally done my best to make all the common people feel welcome and at home in my presence.  For my endeavors I am happy to say that I have been given the titles and awards of  Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog.

Now, mind you.  I've had me own wee failures.  Or, rather, works in progress.  Those two Chamberlains that I hired some 4 years ago still have not raised a paw to help out a 

commoner in need.  The fact is that they have not raised a paw to fulfill their place at Royal Court.  They seem to think that life is all fun and games!  Pft!  They are very immature.  When they don't get their way, they are so spoiled that they throw temper tantrums and start fights until they have to be disciplined!  I've never ever seen such incompetence in the work place either.  My my.  I haven't done my usual excellent job with them.  But as I said earlier, they are still a work in progress and I will hold hope in my heart till the day I die that they will become responsible citizens and responsibly Royal.   (At least I was quick enough to make sure they got their own Canine Good Citizen titles when they were young and impressionable.  Yes.  They did listen to me back then......)

So, today, I  am celebrating a good long life.  I couldn't have asked for a better one!  Milady who cares for me is always kind and willing to provide my every need.  She is even willing to provide some of my demands.  But she hasn't spoiled me.  She has made an effort to raise me correctly and I am so appreciative.  I have been fortunate enough to travel this great land of ours from ocean to ocean and from the upper most tip to the lower most swamp.  I've seen it all from the Great Lakes to the Grand Canyon.  I've run the beaches of Virginia and North Carolina and sunned myself on the beaches of Lake Superior.  I have sniffed out sea shells and dead fish in Florida and hiked for miles and miles throughout Colorado and New Mexico.  I remember having a grand day hiking with WishBone once in the Rocky Mountains.  As I recall, we were hiking a trail called The Craigs.  There were many many large rock formations to climb up.  I ran up one so fast that I didn't slow down and when the rocks ended,  I kept going.  They tell me I looked like a flying cross between a squirrel and a very large bat with my legs stretched out long and far!  I flew through the air right over the heads of my guardians and landed in a roll in the tall grasses where my WishBone was bouncing.  What great fun that was!  Although, I do admit, it wasn't very Royal.  But sometimes, one has to let their hair down!

These days, I'm afraid I can't dare do anything like that!  My legs are going slowly paralyzed now.   Soon, I may be in need of a wheelchair or walker to help me get around.  But this doesn't break my spirit!  No.  Not in any way.  I can still hold my head up high and go for short walks.  And every once in a while, I run like the wind!  I just look a bit odd doing it....  he he he.  Yes.  I'm not letting this thing get me down in any way.  I must always remember that I am a Duchess.  I must keep my Royal demeanor and my wits about me at all times.  I am an example to the people of Hagg and I shall never give in to feeling sorry for myself.  I have made it to my eleventh birthday!  I am grateful for the life I have had.  I am thankful for the time I have left and I intend to enjoy it to the fullest! 


Undressing Professional Tennis: Fashion Aces and Double Faults said...

What a touching post by the Duchess! Brenda, you've given her the best and still more to come. Happy Birthday, Nessie!

Casey said...

Happy happy HAPPY birthday, Your Grace!!

Cuttysark said...

Aw, i love your dogs... Happy birthday!