Thursday, July 14, 2011

Momma Got a New Kidney and We Got Screwed!

..........a new kidney shaped sofa, that is!!!!!!

I can't say as I blame her.  I mean the old sofa was 15 years old and us dogs had made it really comfortable but kinda smelly.  Momma had washed the slip covers as many times as the zippers could hold up, but after a while, well....she wouldn't even sit on it and she just gave it to us.  We really liked that old sofa.  We were kinda sad to see it go.........

Where's Nessie?

Mom said she just couldn't take it anymore and one day last week, she just left.  And when she came home, she was all feelin' good and everything.  And the next day, these guys showed up and they brought this really good lookin' kidney shaped sofa that has leather and wood trim and nail heads.  (That must be good, cuz Mom keeps talking about it.....).  When it came and the guys left, McKenzie put her wee chin on the cushion and rolled her eyes at Momma as if to ask the ultimate question;  "Can we get up there?"  Momma flat out said "NO".  Can you believe that?  I mean, who needs a sofa if you can't get up there?  McKenzie said, "I thought we were gonna get screwed on this one!"  She turned and walked away and none of us have even attempted to get on the new stupid looking dumb kidney shaped sofa again!  We now have to lay down on the hard floor.  I totally can't believe how much things have changed lately.  We are soooooo screwed!

I'll just keep dreaming of the old days.........

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