Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pictures of Our New Friends!

A Short Post by
Lord Malcolm and Lady McKenzie

Hi everyone!  Here are some great pictures of our new friends from Legacy Boxer Rescue in the DFW area.  They also love the Bike Tow Leash just like we do!  Their Mommy thinks it's a great way for her to get some exercise so they like to take her for great walks at a pretty good pace.  They're not as used to it as we are, so they probably don't go as fast.  --  We like to pull our helper around, kinda like we 'push' her around inside the Palace.  (She's a softee and we have her wrapped around our little paws).   We let her think she's in charge though, 'cuz it makes her feel important.  It's always good to give the help something to feel good about, you know.  :)

Well, we just had a bath and got our whiskers shaved and our toenails done.  I think I'll have that woman brush our teeth and then we'll go for a ride ourselves.


We sure hope to meet our new friends in person sometime real soon!  But the woman who cares for us says that Arlington is a long ways from here.  We've been through there before, though, so you just never know what might happen!

Oh.  By the way.  They have a website if you want to look at .  Maybe you can find a new dog to own you, too!

 Marnie, cropped ears, and

A good snooze after a long ride?......

Diva Daphne in her tutu.
It seems that Nessei the Monster is not the only Duchess in a TuTu.

Marnie getting ready to ride her bike.
Well.  Thanks for sending these wonderful pictures!  We really love hearing from our adoring public!

Our love to all you crazy Boxers out there!

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Casey said...

They sure had fun riding their bikes! Marnie is a close pawsonal friend of mine, and I know she had a blast! Thanks for sharing info about the PAWSOME folks at Legacy Boxer Rescue!