Thursday, June 28, 2012

You Can't Take the Puppy Out of the Boxer Dog.....

And I am living Proof that an Old Dog CAN learn New Tricks!


by Nessie the Monster, Duchess of Hagg

Yes.  I am a Duchess.  A very old and cranky (at times) Duchess.  I've lead a full and vibrant life thus far and until recently, I was quite happy with it just as it was.  After all, I have my staff to care for me, my Chamberlains to run the everyday goings on of the Palace (well, maybe not so much), I've traveled extensively throughout my Dukedom and have met many adoring fans of Royalty.  The Common People really do want to keep the class system in place, you know.  They are comfortable with their station in life.  All in all, I've led such a wonderful life that I just didn't see how on Earth I could ever find any more excitement.  {translate the word excitement to mean adoration}

Then one day the head and most trusted member of my staff brought in some pictures of the Chamberlains and we sat down to have a look.  As you well know, those Chamberlains of mine have a very high energy level and are more involved in fulfilling their own requirements for enjoyment rather than fulfilling MY requirements for the running of the Palace.   So, to that end, they are involved in a professional sport called Agility.  And the pictures that were brought to my review were, indeed, pictures of them taking part in that sport.  I must say, that they were some pretty amazing pictures!  Here are a few that I don't mind sharing with you Common people who find interest in us.  (I'm throwing you a 'bone' as it were...he,he).

Lady McKenzie on the Dog Walk

The 'Wait' command on the Yellow where she has to touch.

Warming up before a run

Lord Malcolm in the tire jump

The blur is Lady 'Kenzie McFrenzie

As we viewed these pictures and many more which I'm not sharing now, I made this comment;   "Now, I say.  Doesn't that look like fun?"   Well, that little comment got us all talking at once which, I don't have to tell you, is very undignified.  But none of us quit talking, esp. Lady McKenzie who drooled on and on about just how much fun it is....{She will be posting her own version of this account, I'm sure, in a few days}

It was just then, that a wonderful idea was birthed.  Why don't I give this Agility a try!  After all, Royalty have been participating in sport for centuries.  Why, quite in fact, it is WE who invented sport in the first place.  It was you Commoners who took it from us.  HUMPH!  And, yes, my age was discussed.  I am 9 1/2 and we have an average 10-11 year lifespan (from all our extravagant and good living).  But I promised to my staff that I would not jump at difficult heights and that I would take it easy and if I were to tire, I would go and rest and keep hydrated at all times. 

Well, that's it then!  I'm enrolled in a beginners class in my old age!  I've had 2 classes thus far and truly!  It IS fun!  I can walk across a wobbly board without getting scared.  I can walk across a plank on the floor and keep all my feet on it.  I can jump over (and through) jumps, logs, bushes, and tires.  I can sit on a box and I can sit in a box and I can run through a tunnel and something they call a hoop tunnel.  I have to say......"I Rock!"  Those Chamberlains have nothing on this old Blue Blood!  I'm quite certain that there will be pictures of me soon.  And if there aren't;  believe me, heads will roll.

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Casey said...

Agility looks like SO much fun! My mom's watched a lot of events, and we think I'd be pawsome at it. We're just trying to find a class we have time to take!