Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'll Not Be Labeled a 'Party Pooper'!

Some Further Reflections on this
Agility Sport with respect to 
Lord Malcolm and Lady McKenzie

by Nessie the Monster, Duchess of Hagg

It has come to m' attention that we may have insulted one of our most esteemed Chamberlains, the Lady McKenzie.  While it has been commonplace that she previously ran willy nilly 'round the Dog Club without regard to instruction;  and seemed to deserve the name 'Kenzie McFrenzie,  it would appear (and I use the verb loosely) that she has come to her highly regal and intelligent senses.  We hereby state, without wishing to inflict any further insult to our most beloved Mistress of the House, that we do indeed, respect and admire her not only for her beauty but also for her energy.  We are regretful of any insult or injury to her honour and pride and wish to categorically state for the record that We have been taken aback by the boundless strength, endurance and athleticism that she exhibits in countless ways 'round the Palace.   It has never been Our intent to minimalize her contribution to Our Royal presence.  We therefore, beseech her forgiveness for said insult even as she has called US a derogatory blaspheme in intimating that We are party poopers.  Enough.  We will see an end to this discussion 'once for all'.

Now.  I would further like to state for the record that I am excellent at the Sport humans call Agility.  I have mastered the closed tunnel, the hoop tunnel, the table, and the box.  I can do the sway bridge, the beginners teeter-totter and dog walk.  I can jump over bars, bushes, through tires and windows and I can do the broad jump (jumping over broads, he he).  I adore the other companions I've made and am getting on extremely well with the commoners in my class.  M'handler was a wee bit worried that I may be too much a Royal to get on with others, but I have proven to her that I can manage m'manners when I see that others are on their best behavior 'round me.  

I love my class!  M'lady-in-waiting is ecstatic to see the effort I put into learning new things and I reward her with the biggest smile she's ever seen on m'face!  She can see that I love this new experience and I truly find it exhilarating!   My Royal Photographer  has made an appointment for next week so I will reveal some wonderful pictures then.  In the meantime, let me suggest that you get out there with your handlers and train them to have fun!  I feel as though I've been given a new reason to live!  I love this class so much.

Also, by going down there, I was able to watch Lady McKenzie and Lord Malcolm this past week.  Wow!  I must admit that they are quite excellent at this sport and they make me want to work harder to get to their level.  I witnessed 2 runs by Lord Malcolm and he was the 1st to run in his group.  He was beautifully perfect! He and his lady-in-waiting got lots of applause and were the talk of the class!  He did both runs perfectly and got comments from strangers on how well he and his handler work together!


Lady McKenzie proved her worthiness in the agility ring by running 3 perfect runs.  Not a hiccup or a titch of nerves.  Just plain beauty.  She followed perfectly and without any indication that she had ever run 'round the ring and out to see her cousins in the next area!  In fact, in this class, no one can believe that she ever was that 'wild child'.  She received comments that she should be ready for trial soon.  I'm going to try to talk our much esteemed running mate into a trial with her.  I can see that she would do very well.  We will see what the future holds for her.....

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