Friday, October 12, 2012

Nessie the Monster Makes Front Page News!

The Duchess of Hagg was
Captured by the Pup-a-Rotzi
While She was Helping Young
Children Learn to Read

As you all know, the Duchess of Hagg makes regular visits to see young children.  Reading and education have always been a number one priority on the Royal Agenda.  A correspondent for a local paper in a suburban community caught her up at one of the local Libraries while she was involved in helping young children learn to read in a programme called Paws for Reading.   The following are pictures that were taken of her and then published on the front page of that newspaper with a wonderful article asking for more 4 legged volunteers!

This is Carter reading to Nessie and his sisters

Twins, Seth and Brayden put on an entire performance for the Duchess
by acting out the books they were reading
The thing that Nessie would like you to know is that every dog can be tested to become a Therapy Dog.  Once you've passed the test, you may set appointments to visit Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Libraries and other facilities that have people who might benefit from petting and being with a tail waggin' 4 legged pooch.  It's good for the people, it's good for the dog and it's good for you when you give back to the community.  It's also educational for the public because they can see that even bully breeds like Boxers, Rotties and Pitties can be calm, balanced and loving animals with the right handler.  

For more information on Therapy Dogs, INC.  visit their website or call Toll Free @ 1-877-843-7364  or you can email them @

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Casey said...

I really want to be a therapy dog! I did lots of training with my momma and got my CGC. But then when I had my therapy dog test, I was too jumpy. So we're waiting until I get a little older and calmer to try again. I'm almost 5 now, so hopefully soon!