Monday, December 3, 2012

Is No News Good News?

It's been 9 months since I last wrote about anything that 
Malcolm or any of the dogs have eaten.....

That's enough time to have a baby!
Could the problem be resolved?

Can no news really be good news?  I wonder.

I just realized that I get so caught up in what's going wrong at the House of Hagg that I can't really see what's going right.  And just when I don't think I have anything to report to you, I understand that it's because nothing bad is happening!  Well, paint me white and call me a snowman!  That's a  good thing and cause for a celebration!!!!!!!  So, if you'll excuse me for one second.....


Okay. I'm done.  

Now.  For those of you who are looking for this year's Christmas picture, we are currently working on that.  We have been trying to get just the right atmospheric conditions and the tide has to be just right with the moon.......
Oh.  What the heck!  I can't get them all to sit still for the camera.  But I'm cooking chicken chunks today, so I may get some better luck if not more drool in the picture!  :0)

Malcolm is still working on his fear issues but is progressing with the help of our Therapist.

McKenzie begins a short, 3 week, intro to Freestyle class tonight.  (Doggy Dancing for those not in the 'KNOW'. )

Nessie is getting older and more and more demanding.  I think she is struggling more to see, but still prances like a Duchess on her long walks.

Sometimes I think Malcolm's ACL is better and sometimes, not.  He struggled terribly to get out of his kennel yesterday morning and then got only as far as the hallway and laid back down again.  But he lets me do his physical therapy (leg stretches) without complaint and he took off like a Banshee on the Tow Leash yesterday.  I could barely get the bike slowed down to take the first corner!  And he ran the whole 1 1/2 miles that we went.  (Except for when he did the Horse Impersonation.  He slowed to a walk and started pooping in the street as he walked and then wanted to take off running again.)  :)  Was that too much information?   Yes.  I stopped and picked it up.

Hope your Thanksgiving Holiday was wonderful and you have many great memories and stories to tell!  I do!  Look on my G+ profile to find a video of my brother stitching up the finger of my Sis in law.....he he he   
.....and a great time was had by all!    except for her, I guess......we gave her a shot of tequila, so she should have been alright.   Don't forget to put me in your circles on G+ and make some comments on this blog so I know you're alive!  :0))  

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Casey said...

Hooray for not eating bad things! That's a big achievement. And hmmmmm. I like Malcolm's horse impression. I may have to try that!

Robert Quinn said...

I just love the "trotting street poop" (sarcasm) BUT, it is not as bad as the HALT, pull you off the bike, stop traffic, arch their back and take a dump in the middle of the street pose". You can't cover that up.