Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jimmy Duranty; Eat Your Heart Out

A Nose Is A Nose
But A Nose With Character
Is A

I've never been much on the new fad of 'social networking'.  I guess I'm a bit old fashioned.  I think that a conversation is meeting someone face to face and actually looking at them while we talk and maybe have a cup of coffee, lunch or a nice dinner.  But since I've been selling the Bike Tow Leash, I've been looking for a way to get the word out to the general populace about what a great product I think it is.  So that's why I got on the G+ band wagon.  And in doing so, I've found a lot of wonderful dog owners who have many discussions about behavior, various breeds, slobber, training, unconditional love and literally every aspect of dog ownership.  It's been a wonderful opportunity for me to get to know people from various backgrounds and different cultures.  The one great thing we all have in common is our love of Canines.  ( I have to admit now, that I am hooked on social networking.  There should be a government mandated warning  on the sign-up sheet--Warning:  G+ is Addictive).

Well, I say all that to bring you to my point.  I've been involved in 4 different communications in the last month about a very specific health issue that I happen to know something about even though I am not a medical professional or associated with any Vet.  I have two Boxers with the same condition.  It's called Hyper Keratosis of the Nasal Planum.  Here is a brief description of the symptoms according to Cedar Hill Vet Clinic (found on the web).

The skin of the nose becomes dry, thickened, and hornlike. The callused nose may crack and develop fissures, then become irritated and infected. It can stay confined to one part of the nose or encompass then entire planum nasale (the moist, black part of most dogs' noses). It may or may not also involve the pads of the feet.

Of the 4 communications I had about this, 3 were with Boxers and 1 with an English Bulldog.  I have no idea if that is relative.  I do know that Boxers tend to get every skin related issue that can possibly occur.  That's part of accepting the breed;  knowing the health risks you face when you decide to take them home.  I've talked with my Vet about it before and again just recently.  His take on the matter is that it's certainly non threatening to the dog (in my case).  There is no cure or prevention for it although it can be corrected by Laser Surgery.  They simply use the laser to 'smooth down' the callous on the nose and make it perfect again. My Vet told me he wouldn't do it yet in my case because there is no ill effect to the dog and he could always do it later, if I wanted to.  (Perhaps if Malcolm's agent lands him a big role in the movies!)  I will say that I sometimes apply Neosporin and then "protect" that from the usual tongue lashing by putting a bit of Musher's Secret over that.  I don't do it often.  Both Nessie and Malcolm have the condition and neither one has ever complained about it.  Until recently, I just thought it was normal for Boxers and have never really worried about it.

Just threw this picture in...McKenzie does not have this condition.
She is beautiful-- like a Super Model for Boxers,


Casey said...

My sissy Cinderella gets this. Momma puts a little dab of Bag Balm on her nose for a few days, and it mostly goes away.

Anonymous said...

All my boxers have had this condition and I have rubbed in a bit of vaseline to soften the nose tissues.