Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Real Agility Course.......Part ll

I've been waiting to post this update thinking I could get a wee video of Malcolm on his first real agility run, but so far, the video is unavailable.  (So too, is his commercial).  It seems every time he is taped, it takes much longer than anticipated getting the actual film.  Perhaps it has something to do with all his drool or perhaps it's just that he's so cool, the camera cannot capture such grace and magnificence.  Whatever.  I'm told his commercial is still in the works.  All good things come to those who wait.

As far as agility, he had his last class last week.  Same as McKenzie, he was required to try to run a course without a leash.  I didn't hang my hat on much hope that he could do it, especially after McKenzie's fiasco.  And he spent every moment of the class chasing after every one else's treat pouch.  I was just sure that this wouldn't turn out well.

Just when I think I know what my dogs will do, they surprise me.  I walked him to the start line and asked him to sit/stay.  Wow.  He did.  I moved into the ring a bit further so I could get a head start and asked him if he was ready.  "Yup!"  OK.  He didn't really talk back, but he seemed to understand what was going on.  I released him from his sit/stay with OK! Go! and quickly gave the first command, Hup!  Wow.  He did that too!  I gave the second, third and forth commands, Walk it, touch, hup, hup.  What?  He's actually listening to me.

We kept going but now, we have to turn a corner......(this is where I lost McKenzie).
Here! Walk it!.   Dang!  He did it!  Table/sit.  Hup.  Hup.  Hup.  Here (another corner), tunnel, tunnel, hup!   Oh my!  My dog was awesome!

I got a couple of leads while at Church today, for some work for Nessie.  There is a lady I know, who owns a beautiful retirement home and I asked her if Nessie could come and visit once a week.  She is not a registered therapy dog, but some places will let a well behaved, gentle dog come in to visit with the community.  She is checking with the people who run it and will get back to me.

While I was talking with her, another lady offered Nessie a job at the library.  Apparently, some children who are struggling to learn to read, enjoy practicing with a dog instead of a person.  I guess a dog doesn't spend much time on correcting the reading.  They just listen patiently.  So depending on the time slot, we will go there and help the kids learn to read.  Nessie will enjoy having some work to do and hopefully we can make a bit of a difference in some one's life.  I'll make sure to get some pictures of this, also.  Maybe she'll  wear the bonnet that she got for the Royal Wedding.

In the mean time, remember;  "God doesn't always give us the dog we want.  He gives us the dog we need."  Cesar Millan

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