Monday, August 29, 2011

Show N Go

This is just a really quick post to let you know that Malcolm and McKenzie will be "competing" in the Companion Dog School of Tulsa Show N Go tomorrow night starting at 6:30 and ending around 8pm.  I don't know exactly what time they will compete as it's first come, first served.  A show n go is a fun activity where dogs can compete as though they were in a real 'trial'.  There will be obedience (on several levels), rally and agility to /td>watch. No ribbons or trophies are awarded, in fact there are no winners or losers. And that's exactly why we're going.  We can't lose! It's just a fun way for owners to get used to the competition ring and work the kinks out of a routine, or see where more work is needed before having to pay a hefty fee for a real competition.  If you can, come down and enjoy the dogs.
Julie and Piper
Malcolm's first Girlfriend
Practicing Agility

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