Monday, September 5, 2011

3 Deflating Tires

What a beautiful morning!  The sun is shining and the air temperature is in the lower 70's.  I got to sleep in this morning, too!  At some point, I heard my husband saying he was taking Nessie for her walk.  Wow.  I was sound asleep.  As an added bonus, he had fresh decaff brewing for me.  (Yup.  I'm off caffeine since early July. -- OK.  Not totally off.  I still have an occasional coke and a cup of hot tea.  I AM Scottish, you know.  Can't give up a cuppa every once in a wee while).

Well, as I was saying, when I finally got me-self out of bed, there were only two dogs in the house, so I sat down and had a cup o' joe.  Can you still call it 'joe' if it's decaff?  Then I got dressed and got Malcolm ready for his morning bike ride.  We slipped on his Freedom No Pull Harness, got the Martingale collar on and went out to poopy. (again).

It was such a cool morning, I had to come in to get another shirt to put on.  We went from 115F to 70F in one day. (almost--some people tell me I exaggerate).  I checked the status of the squirt bottle in my bike basket and hooked the Martingale to the Bike Tow Leash.  "Malcolm, heel!"  And off we went.  Crisp, cool air.  A slobbery, panting dog.  Newly restored bike brakes, a water bottle and a no pull harness.  LOVELY.  We did see a couple of dogs along the way but were able to keep going without any big incidents.  A dog can only do one thing at a time.  No multi-tasking in this species.  If he's running forward, that's about all he can do.  He can try to lunge and divert himself, but he was attached in two ways.  Sorry buddy.  You're not going anywhere but where I want you to go.  We didn't get too worn out because of the cool temps and he literally never stopped pulling for 2 1/2 miles.  I never had to pedal--and that's just how I like to exercise.

McKenzie ran her 2 1/2 also enjoying the weather.  She was able to meet a few more people and a couple of other dogs, but she doesn't pull so bad as her brother.  She's crazy in an ADD sort of way, which is very different from Malcolm.  She doesn't need the harness.

Well.   We got home and I fed the dogs and did a few chores.  By the time I was transferring the wash to the dryer, I had just poured another cup of coffee.  I went looking for the dogs and found them all in the bedroom.  Nessie was half asleep in the kennel with McKenzie right next to her;  one paw over Nessie's head and her head laying on Nessie's shoulder.  Oooh.  Too cute.  Malcolm was laying on the throw rug near the bed.  All were resting so peacefully, proving my statement that a tired Boxer is a good Boxer.  I sat on the bench to rest with them and drink my coffee.  Then I heard it.  ......  pshoooo.  pshooooo.  pshoooo.  3 deflating tires as each dog sighed and went to sleep.

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