Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Haggs Make a Road

This isn't just a great shot of my very good looking Rubicon.  No.  I'm not about to go 'off-roading'.  This is the first picture of our new property.  For those of you who are not 'in the know', we recently bought  10 acres just outside of Oklahoma City.  We are getting grumpy in old age and are tired (very tired) of neighbors complaining that our water runs down hill to their yard.  (They live a full 5 feet below us with a retaining wall between).  I don't know what they don't understand about gravity, but all my life, God has made the water to run downhill.  If God wants it that way, there is almost nothing I can do about it.  That's why we are so proud of the new 'Tin Horn' recently installed by the county to make our driveway.  Water will flow down hill to whomever our new neighbor will be, but I won't have to listen to them because they will be 5 acres away!

This is a picture of what will eventually be the House of Hagg Road (or some such name).  And that's what our property looks like right now.  The next step is to have our guy, Robert, build a temporary front fence and gate, which he plans to do sometime very soon.  As you can see, he has already graded the drive and has prepped the land behind it so he can plant some wheat for hay.  We've told him to continue to use the land to benefit himself.  In return, he is doing our dirt work and fence building and is our general adviser on what next steps to take.  He knows this land very well and has been working it for years under the direction of 2 previous owners.  He is a wealth of information, which is great, because we know nothing about building on raw land.

These are a couple of pictures that show our frontage to the road.  You cannot see how deep the property is because of the rise of the land and all the trees.  The first rise is about a quarter of the way to the back.  That's where the drive will go to and we will then curve right.  The house will be located behind those trees.  If you can't read the picture, click on it and it will get bigger.

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We are fortunate in that we will only be about 20 mins from my home Church, and if that is ever too far, there is another very small Ukrainian Church about a mile away.   We look forward to building but that's still quite a ways off.  We don't expect to be ready to move for another 2 years.  In the meantime, I will keep you posted as things progress.

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