Wednesday, October 19, 2011

3 Boxers and a Dremel

{To be read from Nessie the Monster's point of view....remember; she's a Duchess!} 

Because my Chamberlains were having a big birthday bash, I thought I would get them a present. Not that they really deserved a present.  But even though my name is Nessie the Monster;  I am a GOOD Monster with a very big heart.  (My people love me dearly and I look after them very well).  After all, they (my Chamberlains) do nothing but play sport all day and when they're not doing that, they are usually eating something they shouldn't or sleeping. Heavens Forbid if they ever did their job and actually looked after my estate!  But, after all, they are young and not only that, but they are not the best Chamberlains that a Duchess such as myself could ask for.  So, under the circumstances and because of my benevolence, I wanted to get them a present.

Now.  The question became, {pompous British accent} "Oh deary me!  What shall I get such Chamberlains who all ready have so much and, if they don't have it, they are well-to-do enough (because of my benevolence), to acquire whatever they desire?"  I thought and thought and finally I asked the Royal Chef/Gardener/Cleaning Woman/Chauffeur.  (The House of Hagg has had to make drastic cut backs in staff and some are beginning to complain of being overworked and underpaid).  This much trusted servant of the House of Hagg had a very good idea.  She confided in me that she thought she heard a 'clicking' sound the last time she drove them to their Agility Sporting Facility.  Each time they would run up the A Frame and the Dog Walk (I do not know why it's called a Dog Walk), she could very clearly hear 'clicking' sounds.  She had assumed that it must be their nails.

So that is it!  I will get them a Paw-di-cure!  This will surely help them to do whatever silly thing they do at that Sport.  ......And that's exactly what happened. The Royal Chef/Gardner/Cleaning Woman/Chauffeur has been given yet another title!  That of paw-dicurist!  Believing that it would be a nightmare for her, I did my best to calm the situation.  I have certainly learned how to do this by reading the book by Turid Rugaas called ,
On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming SignalsBut, as in-experienced as my Chamberlains are, they seemed to have been lucky enough to have hired a very brilliant servant.  She went to the Royal tool shed and produced a Royal Rotary Tool.  We each took our turns....since it was the Chamberlains' birthday, I let them go first. Lord Malcolm laid there very stoically and had all his nails ground. The Lady McKenzie, having A.D.H.D., was thrashing about a wee bit.  But she finally got 'into the groove' and settled down to have hers done.  I was last and enjoyed it quite thoroughly as I have done so many times in the past.  We are all able to walk, run and play to our hearts content.  It's always good to get a Royal Paw-dicure!

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