Friday, November 11, 2011

Malcolm's Commercial

As you may remember, last June Malcolm was featured in a commercial for a company called Granite Transformations.  I didn't expect that it would take so long for the production company to release the commercial, but what do I know about production companies?  So here we are in November, a full 5 months later.  Believe me, I've been asking and asking to no avail.  Finally!  His big moment has come!  I think he's adorable!  It's not very long but it's really great!  It will take about a minute to upload to your computer but I hope you take the time.  One link is a 15 second commercial and one is a 30 second one.  It's interesting that this comes at just the time when he is ready to compete in his 1st (and mine) agility trial on Nov. 19-20.  But more on that later.

The point is, my little Malcolm is growing up and is a rising star!

So, without further ado, are the links.  

{Vista will not support these videos.  I suggest you use Windows XP}.

Lord Malcolm has requested that I let you know, visitors and well wishers may leave their calling cards at House of Hagg Pub to congratulate him.  

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