Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Royalty and Charitable Acts

A Partnership of Giving
by Nessie the Monster, Duchess of Hagg

The greatest thing about being a Royal Pooch is the act of charitable giving.  Especially in the Holiday (from Holy Day) Season, this one thing becomes the fore-front of every act we, as Royal Heinys consider.  We are often asked what we can do for others and after all, what kind of a Royal Highness would I be if I did not get involved with charitable giving?  The only reason to be Royal is to be able to give to the commoners, the workers and the peasants.  I mean, if it were not for them, there would be no one to acknowledge my Royal Highness-ness.  And then, I would have to assume that I would only be a Royal Pain in the......well, you can guess--(and some have called me that behind me'back).  So when I am asked to do something for others, I never refuse.  It is much in our nature to want to please every one of our people, and we do whatever we can to accomplish this.  We consider pleasing our people as  the greatest of all God Given duties.  

A picture taken during the last Holiday Season.  We were asked then to help decorate the Royal Palace but we weren't much good at it.

In point of fact, Lord Malcolm became entangled and was quite frustrated that the lights weren't all in good working order.
Therefore, when I was recently asked by one of the entrepreneurs of our great Land of Hagg,  to try a new product;  I was ever so pleased to be able to do so.  The bonus is that I get to try this Brilliant product for free and then I can tell you how it works.  I can now officially say that the FUR CODE PET ID TAGS are endorsed by the Royal House of Hagg and all of it's constituents thereof; and it is now the Official Royal Tag used by House of Hagg (A Hagg Tagg as it were).  Here's how it works...............

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You buy a tag for every pooch in your house.  With each tag, you are given an individual number.  Log into that number and set up a Profile for that pooch.  (I suppose that if your pooch is a kitty or a ferret, the same would apply, but really?  Ugh.) You can determine which and how much information is visible to the common public.  Since I am Royal and therefore owned by the mythical public of the Mythical Land of Hagg,  all of my information is made available for said public to see. 

After you have set up your Profile, place the very high quality and very good looking tag on the necklace that your pooch wears while out in public.  If your pooch is lost or kidnapped or is otherwise detained from performing the service of his duties, the public can read the tag with their Smart Phone.  They simply scan the image on the tag and it goes directly to the personal profile page that you setup for that pooch.  Remarkable!  In this case, I think it is much better than having a micro-chip implanted.  The public is able to know who your pooch belongs to right away and without waiting to see a Vet.  (And some people don't know to have a pup scanned for a chip in the first place).  They can instantly tell if your pooch needs special attention or medications and they can call his name making him feel less stressed.

But what if that person does not have a Smart Phone?  No problem!  The other side of the tag tells you what website to log onto with the personal ID number for that pooch.  They are then taken to the same Profile page you set for your beloved pet.  And, if your pet is injured, (Oh, deary me! Heaven's forbid), they can see the insurance carrier you have for them and will not neglect to get medical treatments right away because they will KNOW that the insurance covers the cost.  More on Pet Insurance in the next blog when I discuss Lord Malcolm and his mischievousness yet again.  (Yes Google, this is a true endorsement of the Trupanion pet insurance.  I use it.  I love it.  It has saved Malcolm's life over and over again.  I have a right to say that and a right to tell my friends and family about it without you asking me to remove the link.  It is still a free country and I choose to endorse this company because I believe in the product.  Therefore, I am not removing the link.  You have no right to harass that company either.  What a hoax!  Leave them alone, they do a great service to me and to all those who care for their pets!)

Here are the Profile Pages that I had me'maidservant set for us.......

Brilliant!  Yes?  The thing is, one must always be wearing their neckbands with the tags displayed.  And this one tag can replace all those other tags from the Vet for your shots, from the city/county for your citizenship and from your people with your address.  All this is reduced to one simple tag.  Good for me because I actually hated the jingle bell noise they all made.  Ah well.  'Tis the Season and all that!

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